"Heartfelt and Amazing!"

"This is the gateway of true introspection and rediscovery of yourself. It affected me deeply and I could not put it down."

"A Must Read

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"I can't put it down."

-Alicia, Amazon Review 

" I haven't read a book in a long time that brought me to tears and reading Memoirs of Fatherhood did. "

​​​memoirs of

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-Geralyn Maloney 

IN THIS DEEPLY MOVING, personal account, a father vividly recounts his dark childhood during the interview of his life—a journey that takes him from the small Caribbean island of Trinidad, around the world, and back. Struggling to break free from his past, he is brought to his knees and broken into pieces. His son puts him back together by teaching him the art of true forgiveness and unconditional love. Determined to break his family's cycle of dysfunction, he challenges core traditional parenting techniques by practicing a new form of discipline: patience, affection and compassion. His conviction leads him through a maze of profound self discovery and ultimately helps him find what he, and perhaps many of us are searching for: a parent's love, self-worth and happiness.

- Khristina K.

Not just for dad's but anyone looking to know how to be a better person to themselves and others!" 

"A+ Highly Impactful"

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There are many reasons we may feel unfulfilled, stuck or feeling like we just can't seem to find true happiness. Memoirs of Fatherhood may help you discover why after all the motivational videos, books, yoga and therapy sessions, you eventually go back to your old ways. Discover the real, beautiful, magnificent person you were born as, not the person you disguise yourself as now after life has had its way with you. Find peace and true self-wealth by learning the art of true forgiveness and unconditional love for everyone, including the ones who have hurt us the most, and especially ourselves.

"Cover to cover in 1 day, yes it's that book!"

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A word from the author and his son...